Is this an 800 HP Chevy Corvette C8 Z06 Plug-In Hybrid!? (Spied in the Wild Video)

Is THAT a Chevrolet Corvette C8 plug-in hybrid?
(Photo: TFLcar)

Make no mistake, these Corvettes are unique.

Rumor has it that General Motors is developing a Chevy Corvette plug-in hybrid. That rumor has taken one step closer to reality with the discovery of Corvette C8 test vehicles spotted by our very own Roman and Tommy. We have video and photographic evidence to show that these vehicles appear to have an electrical plug-in.

Roman and Tommy add to this information in the video. This could mean the beginning to an epic Corvette no one has ever dreamed of.

What would a Chevy Corvette C8 plug-in hybrid be like?

The scuttlebutt has it that GM engineers have eyeballed vehicles like the Acura NSX for its combination of hybrid technology and all-wheel drive (AWD) capability. Yep, a hybrid AWD Corvette folks. All signs point to a vehicle that would have the power from the gasoline V8 heading to the rear wheels, like it does now, and an electrified front end.

It could be electric motors in each wheel hub, or; perhaps an electric motor powering an axle that feeds both front wheels. We honestly don’t know. What we also are unsure of is if this (possible) Corvette C8 plug-in hybrid has an electric motor assisting the rear axle like the the Acura NSX.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. It seems logical, and a bit jarring. Still, if this is indeed a real plug-in hybrid, the ramifications for performance and efficiency could be immense.