Report: The Grand Caravan Will Soon Meet Its End, Thanks To The Chrysler Voyager

Dodge's van will reportedly bow out in 2020

Dodge Grand Caravan going out of production in 2020

The Grand Caravan will reportedly go out of production next year.

After over a decade in production, the Dodge Grand Caravan will be pushed out by the 2020 Chrysler Voyager. An Automotive News Canada post mentioned the Grand Caravan’s fate earlier this week, citing an AutoForecast Solutions report. However, FCA did confirm the news to Autoblog, so the car will soon go out of production. At this point, the company did not specify an exact date, but the consensus is the Grand Caravan’s production will end with the release of the new Voyager.

Sticking with the Chrysler for a moment, its starting price actually comes in less expensive than the aging Grand Caravan. The Voyager is priced from $28,480, while Dodge’s van technically starts at $28,535. That said, the Grand Caravan’s success rides on heavy incentives, which have pushed the price down to even more affordable levels. As FCA splits the Pacifica and Voyager into two separate models and plans to push fleets toward the Voyager, perhaps the Dodge Grand Caravan’s time has come to an end.

The 2020 Chrysler Voyager will ultimately replace the Grand Caravan as FCA’s least expensive minivan offering. [Photo: FCA]

The long run

While the current Dodge Grand Caravan has been with us since 2008, the nameplate itself has been around much longer. It debuted back in 1984 as a long wheelbase version of the Caravan. Back then, Chrysler sold it with the Voyager, although that van was under the Plymouth name. The company later brought out the Chrysler Town & Country in 1989, and FCA discontinued that model in 2016 with the new Pacifica.

Once the Dodge Grand Caravan exits the picture, buyers will have to move into the Chrysler Voyager to get FCA’s least expensive minivan. Pragmatically, the bet to spin off the cheaper Pacifica models will create an all-around better option for customers. The Voyager will stand as the least expensive van on sale in the U.S., as the Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna all start off at higher MSRPs.

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