Pretty Soon, You’ll Be Able To Stream Netflix And YouTube To Your Tesla

Tesla Model 3 interior

You’ll also be able to stream TFLcar through YouTube.

It’s not an entirely new concept, and I’ve seen plenty of people crack their infotainment systems to allow streaming media in their cars. Now, though, Tesla is about to do it for real, and you’ll soon be able to stream both Netflix and YouTube in your car. As long as it’s stopped, of course.

Elon Musk tweeted out over the weekend that you’ll be able to lay back and catch up on Stranger Things or whichever series or movies you’ve been wanting to binge from the comfort of your Tesla. In a normal car, I couldn’t really see this working. But…if you can use it while charging up, it may be worth it. Mind you, as Elizabeth Blackstock at Jalopnik points out, the portrait-orientated screen in the Tesla Model X and S may be a bit weird for binging your favorite YouTubers. Not that I’m suggesting you should watch certain automotive YouTube channels to catch up on Teslas, or anything. No, not at all.

Watching on the move may come eventually

Musk also said you would be able to stream on the move, as soon as self-driving is approved by regulators. The Netflix and YouTube-binge feature is coming as part of Tesla’s V10 software update. That will also include games and infotainment features, Autopilot improvements, updates to traffic light and stop sign recognition, and Tesla’s Smart Summon feature.

Granted, that’s probably a ways off. Some states are allowing driverless testing right now. It will be awhile before we’re all just sitting there watching Black Mirror behind the wheel on our next road trip.