Report: Jaguar Confirms New J-Pace SUV, And Nods To A Smaller A-Pace Or B-Pace

This is the current F-Pace, which may lend some styling to the larger J-Pace

Jaguar will build new J-Pace crossover (F-Pace shown)
The Jaguar F-Pace has been a huge success for the brand. [Photo: Jaguar]
  • Jaguar confirmed a J-Pace crossover to a group of jurors from the World Car of the Year Awards.
  • The company gave a “firm nod” to smaller SUVs, which may be called the A-Pace or B-Pace.
  • World Car of the Year Awards jurors were invited for a sneak peek at Jaguar’s future product lineup.
  • Jaguar disclosed some of their plans to CarsUK.

Jaguar aims to expand its SUV lineup.

At the moment, Jaguar currently has three SUVs in its arsenal. There’s the new all-electric I-Pace, the baby E-Pace crossover and their volume seller, the F-Pace. However, as part of the World Car of the Year Awards, Jaguar gave up some of what’s coming down the pike in a few years. That includes the new all-electric XJ sedan, as well as a new SUV in the range-topping J-Pace.

While we now know the J-Pace is coming, there’s not much hard information on the model yet. We expect the car to top Jaguar’s lineup, slotting above the F-Pace. That decision would put the model on the same plane as the Range Rover, and this would likely be more of an aggressive and sportier version. Rumors suggest a Jaguar J-Pace would compete against big family haulers like the BMW X7 or Mercedes-Benz GLS.

Jaguar has not given a clue to what the J-Pace will look like, but we suspect it will borrow some styling cues from the smaller F-Pace. [Photo: Jaguar]

New model, new platform

Jaguar will reportedly build the J-Pace on the company’s new MLA platform. That platform will debut with the 2020 Land Rover Defender in a few months’ time. As for powertrains, we also expect Jaguar’s new range-topping SUV to have a range of gasoline, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants. Whether they will use a diesel engine is a mystery, but they are still one of the few manufacturers to offer diesels in the U.S. across most of their range.

On top of that, the company also “gave a firm nod” to smaller crossovers as well, according to a CarsUK report. Jaguar would likely call a smaller model the A-Pace or B-Pace, depending on where in the market they want to compete. Right now, their E-Pace competes against cars like the BMW X1, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Volvo XC40.

For now, check out the new I-Pace below: