This Bugatti SUV Rendering Looks Cool, But Should They Build It?

It's likely not coming anytime soon, but you never know...

Enthusiasts may be cringing at the thought of a Bugatti SUV.

We live in a strange world — one where the SUV apparently reigns supreme. Gone are the days where we could rely on Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley or Aston Martin to give us an unadulterated sports car experience. They’ve all fallen to the SUV onslaught, and there’s a very good reason for that.

SUVs sell. That’s why, on the surface, these renderings from Sajdin Osmancevic musing what a Bugatti SUV could look like make some sense.

We all out in the buying public decided we want a car that does everything — performance, practicality, comfort, off-road capability, the works — to the point where every automaker has to shift toward SUVs if they want to move enough units to survive. Hence, the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, etc. This Bugatti Spartacus, as it’s called, is arguably the coolest-looking of the bunch. What I like about it is that it takes some of the cooler styling cues from the Chiron. However, it doesn’t just look like a Chiron on stilts. There’s some real presence here, although I’m not sure about the larger grille.

What about history?

Still, must we sacrifice every historic sports car brand at the altar of big, heavy, ponderous SUVs? Well, no actually, according to Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann. To this point, he has stressed Bugatti won’t follow in Lamborghini or Bentley’s footsteps. “There will be no SUV from Bugatti,” he flatly told reporters. Making such a vehicle wouldn’t “do justice to the brand or its history.”

Winkelmann has thus far resisted an SUV under the Bugatti name, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will never happen. He was the President and CEO of Lamborghini too, and we still have the Urus now. Until recently, Rolls-Royce resisted the idea as well, and now we have the Cullinan. Nothing is set in stone in the automotive industry, and trends change. As much as enthusiasts may cringe, they don’t dictate automakers’ decisions. Customers do.

Sure, we’re talking about Bugatti here, where only a few select people will ever be able to afford one. The market for the Chiron is only so big, after all. Across every spectrum of the market, though, we’re seeing more SUVs because customers are voting with their cold, hard cash. We Americans, in particular, really seem to want performance SUVs, so it’s definitely unwise to flatly rule this car out.

What do you think — would you be interested in a Bugatti SUV? Granted, for most of us that translates to, “Would you dream about buying a Bugatti SUV?” Let us know in the comments. Sajdin Osmancevic also has more great-looking renderings on his Behance page, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

H/T to CarScoops for reporting on these renderings.