You Can’t Buy It (Yet), But Orders Are Open For The Honda E In Europe

We may see something similar soon, if enough people "express interest" in the U.S. market

If you live in Great Britain, you can order a Honda E for £800 – around $1,020 U.S. The rear-wheel drive electric runabout is capable of an approximate 125 mile range. You can get an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes. That’s from a 50-kilowatt CCS DC fast charger.

This is the Honda E, orders are now being taken… in the UK. Photo: Honda

The deposit for the Honda E is fully refundable if you change your mind. For the most part, the deposit is a placeholder – so there is no gun to your head to commit. Still, it’s a positive sign that Honda is serious about production coming soon. Sadly, customers in the U.S. will not be able to order this car.

The interior of the Honda E looks outstanding. With the electric setup, there is lots of interior space available. Photo: Honda

Honda are now accepting orders for the tiny electric model. Bear in mind: those orders must come from the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Norway.

According to The Express in the UK, “The Honda e in prototype form has received an overwhelming response and with over 25,000 registrations of interest across Europe, customers now have the opportunity to secure priority status to order the model.”

Hopefully, we’ll see a similar design motif coming to Hondas we can buy soon. Photo: Honda

This version of the Honda E is for Europe only. We (U.S. fans) are out of the loop. Honda stated that they intend to electrify much of their fleet by 2030. While this tiny EV does not line up with U.S. range requirements, no one from Honda flatly stated that a similar EV is not heading to the United States.

With enough demand, Honda could make significant changes to their EV plans here. I sure hope it comes here. This car looks like a ton of fun!

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