Keeping A Tesla Model 3 Charged Sucks…Or Does It? Thrifty 3 Ep. 6

Living with an electric car is getting easier

Here’s what it’s like to live with a new Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is the brand’s most popular cars to date, with 140,317 cars sold in 2018 alone. With more people making the switch to electric cars, owners also have to contend with their main challenges.

In this video, Tommy and Roman find out just what it’s like to live with our long-term Tesla Model 3 on a daily basis. More specifically, dealing with charging it up. Unlike conventional cars, charging an electric can can still take a significant amount of time depending on what sort of charger you use. On a standard house socket, the Tesla Model 3 charges at the rate of about 3 miles of range per hour. At that rate, it would take over 4 days to charge the car’s batteries from empty to full.

Keeping A Tesla Model 3 Charged Sucks...Or Does It? Thrifty 3 Ep. 6
Tesla’s Supercharger network covers the entire U.S., and offers its owners a convenient way to charge up. [Photo: Tesla]

Even on fast charging, like Tesla’s Superchargers, it can at least half an hour to charge a substantial amount. However, charging times are coming down, and there are many more Superchargers than you might think. So, if you take your electric car to lunch and charge it up, you can manage the same amount of range that you can charging overnight at home.

Fortunately, other charging networks are also growing across the U.S. As they do, electric car ownership becomes a more reasonable option for those looking to make the change. Tesla goes one further, as they incorporate fun games and even a fart mode — if that’s your thing — into cars like the Model 3.

To find out exactly how our Tesla Model 3 is like to live with around our home base in Boulder, Colorado, check out the video above! Come back to for more news, views, and episodes from our latest Thrifty 3 series. And that includes getting it fixed after last week’s little accident.