Android Auto Is Getting A Major Update: Here’s What’s New

Sleeker looks, more user friendliness, better performance

Android Auto Is Getting A Major Update: Here's What's New

The update will roll out to all Android Auto systems this summer.

Most drivers these days prefer the quick, seamless integration of systems like Android Auto. They integrate well with users’ smartphones, have a sleeker design and are usually faster and easier to use than most automakers’ own infotainment systems. While Google’s system is functional in its own right, the company is planning a major update to improve its look and functionality.

Dark Mode is one of the most apparent updates to the system. That change will make the system look familiar to those who look Apple CarPlay, but it’s not a radical overhaul of the current setup. Product manager Rod Lopez says the update will make it easier to just get in and go. To kick things off, the system will keep playing your media as it launches when you start the car.

Google also overhauled the navigation bar to make it easier to access apps. Now, you’ll be able to take calls, get turn-by-turn navigation and control your media from the same screen. As with playing your media as you start the car, that should save some time fiddling around trying to get between apps. More importantly, time saved navigating is time folks can actually keep their eyes on the road.

Finally, the updated Android Auto will tailor itself to wider screens. That means instead of just making everything on the main screen bigger, it displays more information. Having the larger screen lets Android Auto display navigation, playback controls, and call controls without minimizing anything.

Google will roll out the update to Android Auto-equipped cars this summer. Stay tuned to for more updates!