The 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Will Use Hybrid Power to Catch the Bad Guys

Ford has revealed the new 2020 Police Interceptor Utility, revealing not only how the new Explorer will look but also some details about the powertrain.

Powering the new Police Interceptor Utility is a choice of three different powertrains, with the standard option being a 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine mated to a hybrid setup. A 3.0-liter EcoBoost and 3.3-liter non-hybrid engine will also be available, all three of which are mated to a ten-speed automatic.

Though we can’t confirm it just yet, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the standard Explorer offer the same three powertrain options when it launches. The EPA also rates the hybrid at 24 mpg combined.

In testing done by the Michigan State Police, the new Police Interceptor Utility hybrid was faster in 0-100 mph than all of the competition, including V8-powered SUVs. Only the optional 3.0-liter EcoBoost in the Explorer is quicker than the hybrid.

Opting for the hybrid costs you no space either, as the passenger volume is identical regardless of the powertrain choice. The other large advantage of a hybrid police vehicle is that all the idling time doesn’t use fuel, as the batteries can power all the vehicle’s systems while the engine is off.

Tow capacity for the Interceptor comes in at 5000 pounds.

Plenty of other clever technological solutions are at play here. The Perimeter Alert system uses monitors to view a 270-degree field around the vehicle. If there is a potential threat sneaking up on the vehicle, the Interceptor will automatically close the windows, lock the doors, sound a chime and turn on the rear camera.

A Ford modem is standard on these vehicles, offering internet connectivity, backed up by two years of complimentary Ford Telematics service that helps with fleet management.

All the latest driver assist features are here as well, including pre-collision assist, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and automatic reverse braking. Unlike versions for the public though, officers will be offered a button to disable the pre-collision stuff to allow them to perform precision immobilization techniques when necessary. New LED headlights will help officers see.

Safety is also improved by a new unique structure which is fitted in the rear of the vehicle, making the Interceptor the only vehicle anywhere to meet a 75-mph rear-impact crash standard. Ultra high-strength Boron steel helps with rigidity, while unique brakes, front-door tethers, steel wheels, tires and hubcaps are all here to make the Interceptor durable over time.

Vinyl rear seats and flooring make cleanup easy, while the front seats are heavy-duty cloth. Anti-stab plates are fitted to the seats as well to protect officers from attacks from the rear.