McLaren Speedtail Shows A Wide Array of Customization Options

Sadly, all 106 Speedtails are spoken for

McLaren has shown all the ways you can configure a Speedtail, but you still can’t have one.

Unless you’re one of the lucky and well heeled 106 folks who put their name down for a McLaren Speedtail, you still can’t buy one. This successor to the legendary McLaren F1 is billed as a “Hyper GT” – part of the brand’s Ultimate Series of top-end performance cars. To that end, this $2.25 million performance leviathan packs 1,050 horsepower and a 250 mph top speed thanks to its gas-hybrid powertrain. According to McLaren, the personalization options are “almost limitless,” cementing the notion that you really can have whatever you want, if you can afford it.

McLaren announced three main style collections: Urbane, Visionary, and Dynamic. Within those, the company includes even more themes to stand each Speedtail apart from its siblings.

Special ‘themes’

Take the Stratosphere theme, for instance – a theme within the Urbane collection. You get “gloss 1K visual carbon fiber”, which complements anodized aluminum brightwork, McLaren says. The Astral theme of the Visionary collection uses navy blue interior pieces, including the seats, to show off Britain’s nautical history. Here, you even get 18-carat gold inlay badging. The Bloodline theme in the Dynamic collection shows off a red exterior and interior with gloss black diamond-cut wheels.

The first McLaren Speedtails deliveries will begin in 2020 to those 106 customers. Now, most of us won’t be able to experience this $2.3 million firsthand. However, I’m sure owners will appreciate the customization. After all, speed isn’t really what this car is all about, is it? It’s about standing out from the crowd in their ordinary supercars. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on McLaren’s latest ultimate car, you do have a little over a year to figure out exactly how you want yours to look. May we suggest the Bloodline theme?