Porsche Taycan Prototypes Spied Benchmarking Tesla Model S In the Italian Alps [Video]

New film shows Porsche testing the Taycan against Tesla's flagship sedan

Porsche Taycan prototypes with Tesla Model S on Stelvio Pass

A few months ago, Porsche said that Tesla was “not a benchmark” for them.

Lucky bystander and Tesla Model S owner Frank Cooreman caught a couple Porsche Taycan test mules atop Stelvio Pass in Italy. That’s interesting enough news in its own right, but the clincher came with the other vehicles that were also there when Cooreman stopped to snap a few photos. Despite Porsche’s earlier claim, reported by Electrek, that “Tesla is not a benchmark for us”, it appears that’s not the case. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume seems to be eyeing Tesla intently with the Taycan, if the video below is any evidence.

According to another Electrek report, Cooreman spotted Porsche engineers driving the Tesla Model S. In fact, they were benchmarking the older Model S against the Taycan test mules as part of the Taycan’s development. In all likelihood, engineers were comparing energy consumption of the Taycan as well as regenerative braking tests down the mountain.

Here’s what we know about the Taycan so far. Porsche confirmed the car will have two electric motors that make it good for at least 600 horsepower. You’d expect acceleration to be blistering, and Porsche pegged its 0-60 figure at 3.5 seconds. Not only that, but drivers may be able to run up to 310 miles for every charge. When the Taycan does run out, it will charge up to 80 percent in 15 minutes. Of course, that’s provided there’s a fast charger available that can pump out that level of juice. Porsche aims to sell 20,000 Taycans every year from the point it goes on sale – likely next year.

The video below has since been reposted on the Taycan forums. Here, Cooreman caught the Taycans and Model S as they made their way down the switchbacks of Stelvio Pass.

[Video credit: Frank Cooreman]