2018 Rebelle Rally: Forget the Mall, This 2019 Honda Pilot Is Hitting the Desert [News]

2019 Honda Pilot [Photo: Honda]

A 2019 Honda Pilot will be competing in the 2018 Rebelle Rally.

This is challenging off-road competition that pits the navigation skills and driving prowess of driver and vehicle against a large field of racers. All of the competitors are women from seven countries, 35 states and 136 cities. The Rebelle Rally is entering its third year in 2018. It’s slated to begin October 11th in Lake Tahoe, finishing up on October 20th in San Diego, CA.

Equipped with paper maps, compasses, and road-books, no electronic navigation aids (including phones) are permitted. It all comes down to navigation skill, driver ability and machine ruggedness.

[Photo: TFLcar]
This year, Honda is entering two vehicles, the 2019 Honda Pilot and 2018 Honda Ridgeline (which you can read about on TFLtruck.com). The Honda Pilot driver and navigator combo represent the Torrance, California-based “Desert Dreamers” team #208. This team will feature driver Ariel Jen and navigator / exterior designer,  Lili Melikian .

The 2018 Honda Rebelle Rally Racing Team Photo: Honda

While working on a Honda light truck project, HRA product planner Ariel Jen learned of the Rebelle Rally and saw the event as an opportunity. “I love to challenge myself and learn new things and the Rebelle Rally seemed like a perfect opportunity to accomplish both goals. It’s a way to learn more about the world of off-roading and trucks and further unite women at Honda to accomplish something amazing.”

The stakes

The race will consist of rocky washes, two-track roads, dirt roads and “massive” dunes. Despite this, both competing Hondas will be mostly stock. Teams only get the benefit of skid plating, extra lights and off-road ready tires.

2019 Honda Pilot – Photo: Honda

Honda is entering two vehicles in the Crossover (CUV) class – the 2019 Honda Pilot and 2018 Ridgeline. The CUV-specific course includes over 2,500 kilometers of a wide variety of terrain – from dirt roads, two-tracks, rocky washes, and massive sand dunes.  Both Honda vehicles will be mostly stock, with minimal modifications including skid plates, lights, and robust off-road tires.

Our very own rebel, Andre Smirnov, is attending the 2019 Honda Pilot press event later this week. He will have driving impressions available early next week. Stay tuned and check out more from the 2018 Rebelle Rally (here).