“What the Actual F***?” Video Catches Man on Hood of Speeding Car Driving 70 MPH [Video]

In today’s episode of “What did I just watch?”, a guy hangs onto a car driving 70 MPH while talking on the phone.

Okay, we all know there are certain things we’re not supposed to do while driving. Don’t exceed the speed limit, don’t tailgate, don’t drive drunk. Indeed, don’t shoot video on your phone, as the man who’s video went viral did. However, let’s make an exception with that last one there, since he caught something absolutely crazy. In Miami, Florida, Daniel Midah caught this man riding on the hood of a moving car driving down Interstate 95 at 70 mph. You can’t really make that up (Warning: some graphic language in the video below):

[Video: @danimidah via Twitter]

What’s the expression? “Oh, Florida?” According to ABC Local 10 News, Midah said, “All I was thinking is, this guy is going to slide off and hit me, slide off the other side, or, if anything, he is going to slide down and [the driver] is going to hit him, and then she is going to crash into somebody else.” After capturing the video, the driver of the black Mercedes exited the freeway, and Midah called 911.

We don’t know if this came about as some sort of quarrel, or exactly what was going on here. But in case you needed a daily dose of “what is going on here”, there it is. There’s no word as to whether the police investigated the incident, but, according to the witness account, “She’s definitely pissed off at him or something.”