McLaren Hyper GT: An F1 Successor Is On The Horizon [News]

The McLaren F1 took the 90’s by storm. It featured a top speed of 243 MPH and had not one, not two, but three seats. Yes, the driver sat in the middle of the car, presumably with a model to either side. The F1 holds a special place in many people’s hearts, but McLaren has said that they are going to make a true successor to the F1. The McLaren Hyper GT, as it will be called, is set to mimic the F1 in many ways, while simultaneously blowing its insane top speed out of the water.

The Hyper GT will follow the McLaren Senna in the British Automaker’s Ultimate series of cars. Those are the vehicles that top McLaren’s abilities in performance and speed, such as the P1.

The Hyper-GT Could Be McLaren’s New Speed King…

McLaren has said that the Hyper GT will have a top speed in excess of 243 MPH (making it their fastest car ever), while also featuring the same three seat layout as the original F1. However, there will be at least one major difference in the format of this new hypercar. As opposed to a naturally aspirated V12, like the F1 had, the Hyper GT will feature a hybrid powerplant, perhaps taking some notes from the McLaren P1.

…That You Can’t Buy (And Not Just Because It’s Expensive)

McLaren Hyper GT
[Photo: McLaren]
The McLaren Hyper GT will feature a limited production run of just 106 units, all of which have already been sold for the juicy price of £1.6 million, or $2.2 million for those of use who measure dollars correctly.

McLaren will offer a private viewing of the vehicle for the 106 uber-rich buyers towards the end of 2018. Expect more info on the McLaren Hyper GT around then.

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