Which is Faster on the Track – A Pro Gamer, or a Pro Racer? [Video]

Pro Gamer vs Pro Racer Civic Type R
[Photo: Honda]

Do you think you could beat a pro racing driver in a video game?

It’s a known fact – we millennials love our video games. So much, in fact, that we’ll happily spend hours plopped on the couch just trying to get to that next level. Finish that next quest. Or, in this instance, get good enough to potentially beat a pro racing driver on a track. It’s a question that’s been asked (and tested) several times over. Can a pro gamer actually beat a professional racing driver in the same car on the same track?

Honda just released a video that put that question to a real, yet virtual test. Let me explain: in “real life”, you have IndyCar driver Graham Rahal in the 2018 Honda Civic Type R. He takes on another Civic Type R driven by pro gamer Peter “Slap Train” Jeakins. Only Jeakins isn’t driving the actual car. He’s taking Rahal on the virtual track in Forza Motorsport 7.

For the race, Honda equipped the real type R with a “mixed reality” windshield that projects the “ghost” of the car Jeakins drives in the game. It’s a similar setup to how racing games work – you’re driving a certain car, and the ghost of a car you’re racing appears to represent their lap time.

Surprisingly, the cars – real and virtual – stay, ahem, “virtually” neck and neck the entire lap. But which person won: the IndyCar driver or the pro gamer? Check out Honda’s video below to find out!

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