Owning an Anarchic Porsche: 1964 356 Outlaw – Dude, I Love My Ride [Video]

This Porsche owner’s made some changes to his 1964 356 C, making it an “Outlaw”

What was Porsche’s first production model ever? You’re looking at it folks: the Porsche 356. This particular car is a 1964 356 C, the last of the brand’s inaugural model prior to its introduction of the legendary 911. But this isn’t just any Porsche 356. Its owner, Jim Rogers, made a few changes. From removing the bumpers to changing the wheels and tires, he’s given this Über German machine some American flair. In doing so, he’s turned this Porsche into an Outlaw.

[Photo: TFLcar]
Rather than restoring the car back to original condition – in part due to expense – this Porsche shows another path. Some owners take their 356s in a different direction. Apart from this Outlaw’s aesthetic changes, it will soon get a new heart. Instead of its original motor, this 356 will soon see a Fat Performance engine, effectively doubling its power output.

So how does it drive? One of the driving notions behind Outlaw Porsches is evolution, rather than outlandish modification. Take this 356 as an example. Taking the basic model and subtly changing it to enhance its styling and performance is the name of the game. In doing so, Outlaw owners give their cars some unique flair. To see just what other changes have been made, check out the video above!

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Porsche 356 Outlaw
[Photo: TFLcar]