2018’s First Spy Shot Challenge! Help Us Identify This Crossover [Spy Photo]

Spy Shot challenge
[Photo: Nate C]
As most of you among the TFLcar community know, we love spying test cars out in the wild. It’s always fun to see test mules out and about, where we can speculate on what model it may be and when we might see it sans camouflage. Sometimes, we get great spy shots sent in, which we’re all too happy to share with you guys! Despite the manufacturer’s best efforts to hide the lines of the car, there may be some specific feature that’s a dead giveaway, and we can identify the car before sharing it with you.

That being said, there are times when we encounter a head-scratcher. Today is one of those days, so it’s time for another spy shot challenge! Nate C sent these photos in to TFLcar, and we need your help figuring out what it is. The headlights resemble Acura’s Jewel Eye LED assemblies to me, but the grille throws that impression off.

We put it to you, TFL community – do you have an idea what this car is? If so, feel free to leave us a note in the comments! With your help, we’ll get to the bottom of this spy photo mystery.

If you have some spy shots of your own, please send them in to info@tflcar.com! If it’s something we haven’t seen before, it may well end up in an article like this. For instance, a TFLcar reader spotted the new Kia Forte out testing in California right before the North American International Auto Show (here’s the production version, as well).

Speaking of Acura, check out another prototype a TFLcar reader spied a few months ago that actually made its debut at NAIAS. It’s the 2019 Acura RDX Prototype! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Car and TFLnow for news, views, real-world reviews, and our prototype hunting videos!