Counting Down the Top 5 Coolest Cars from the Concept-Crazy Tokyo Motor Show [Video]

The Tokyo Motor Show is still going on through November 5th, exhibiting a plethora of concepts every way you turn. Nik Miles was on the ground at this year’s event to show you TFLcar’s Top 5 cool cars. 2017’s show was one that was heavy on concepts, and although none of these vehicles are going into production (yet), it shows where Japanese car makers are heading in the future. Check out the video above to see our top 5 cool cars from the show.

Highlights of the top 5 cars from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show:

1. Toyota TJ Cruiser

The Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept is an FJ replacement that combines a van and SUV [Photo: Toyota]
Enter stage left, another purported FJ replacement. This is the TJ Cruiser – the “T” standing for “toolbox” and “J’ standing for “joy”, according to its designers. They’ve certainly nailed the toolbox part, as that’s indicative of the vehicle’s overall shape. The design goal was to combine the capacity of a van with the design of the more popular SUV. It rides on a hybrid platform, but exerts the sort of rugged durability that’s supposed to appeal to the outdoorsy types. We’ve touched on this FJ replacement a bit before. While it looks practical, it doesn’t really look like it’ll be able to carry the torch from Land Cruisers of old, like the FJ.


2. Subaru Viziv Performance Concept

Counting Down the Top 5 Coolest Cars from the Concept-Crazy Tokyo Motor Show
Subaru’s Viziv Performance Concept previews what could be the next generation WRX. [Photo: Subaru]
Subaru has debuted an angular, aggressive sedan called the Viziv Performance Concept. It’s a preview of a new Subaru model – although which model this foreshadows remains uncertain. Most likely, this is a new WRX. It’s slightly larger than the current model, and carries a nice set of LED lights and plenty of sharp angles. It’s obviously shows some aggressive concept flourishes, but who knows? If they make this car, all those lines and flared fenders may make it to production. That’s sure to appeal to the WRX’s enthusiast audience.


3. Nissan IMx Concept

Counting Down the Top 5 Coolest Cars from the Concept-Crazy Tokyo Motor Show
The Nissan IMx Concept is an all-electric crossover featuring a 600 kilometer range and ProPilot autonomous driving tech.

The Nissan IMx Concept is a glimpse into the brand’s “Intelligent Mobility” initiative. With this particular car, the emphasis centers around their ProPilot autonomous driving system. “Making travel more enjoyable” – according to the press release – is a major goal of the system and this car. This car is also supposed to become part of the “social infrastructure”, wherein it will park itself after you arrive at the airport and pick you up when you return, for example. While not fully autonomous, the ProPilot system will feature in the new Nissan Rogue and Leaf.


4. Mazda Vision Coupe

2017 Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Shows Two Stunning New Concepts
The Vision Concept Coupe demonstrates the next generation of Mazda’s “Kodo” design.[Photo: Mazda]
Mazda brought its design A-game to the Tokyo Motor Show with this Vision Coupe and the Kai Concept hatchback concepts. The Kai Concept will be going into production as the next-generation Mazda3, featuring Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X SPCCI (Spark Controlled Compression Ignition) engine. This car, however, is a sleek indication of Mazda’s intention with the evolution of its “Kodo” design. As a four-door coupe, rather than a sedan, this Mazda attracted spectators with its sleek form and long, swooping front end. What would be under the hood, you ask? If Mazda ever decides to produce this car, most are hoping it will house the new generation of the iconic rotary engine – a successor to the RX-8. More likely, it may use the SkyActiv-X engine with some forced induction to help it along. Only time will tell.


5. Toyota Concept-i (Original i; i-Ride, and i-Walk)

Toyota’s Concept-i aims to be more than just a car – it also wants to be your friend. [Photo: Toyota]
Toyota’s latest “Concept-i” is the coolest “car” of the Tokyo Motor Show, mainly because it’s the most outlandish. Why is that? Well, Toyota is touting this concept as a family of models: the original Concept-i, the i-Ride, and the i-Walk. Whatever you get, you’ll be buying into “the future of mobility”, at least as Toyota sees it. Endemic to this concept is “Yui”, something of a personal assistant. More than that though, Yui wants to be your friend. The “spirit” of the car, Yui wants the future of mobility to be “warm, friendly, and fun”. Take from that what you will.

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