Trade In Your Lincoln Navigator for a Sweet $5,000 Escalade Discount [News]

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The completely redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator has arrived on the ultra-modern luxury SUV scene and is aimed at reversing the Escalade’s dominance in the market.

The new-generation Navigator has a suite of new features and a new drivetrain to square off against the marketing tour de force that is the Escalade. GM, determined to maintain its steadfast lead in the market, is firing back at Lincoln with a sweet deal for buyers thinking about trading in their older Lincoln for the new Navigator.

According to a memo sent to dealers obtained by Bloomberg, GM is offering a $5,000 discount this month to customers trading in a 1999 or newer Lincoln model. This discount applies to either a purchase or lease of a 2018 Cadillac Escalade. Starting MSRP for the 2018 Navigator is $73,250 compared to the 2018 Escalade MSRP of $75,290. So, if you do own a Lincoln and are looking to trade up, the deal actually makes the Escalade a shade nearly $3,000 cheaper (excluding destination charges).

This incentive offers Cadillac a chance to take a bite out of sales that would have otherwise gone to Lincoln. What do you think of the incentive, and how do you think it will work out for GM and Lincolns’ luxury SUV sales? Let us know in the comments below!


2018 Navigator vs 2018 Escalade
2018 Lincoln Navigator (L) 2018 Cadillac Escalade (ESV)
MSRP $73,250 $75,290
MSRP (extended wheelbase) $81,945 $78,290
Engine 3.5-L twin-turbo V6 6.2L V8
Power (hp) 450 420
Torque (lb-ft) 510 lb-ft 460 lb-ft
Transmission 10-speed automatic 10-speed automatic
EPA Combined w/4WD 18 mpg 17 mpg
Max Towing Capacity


8,700 lbs 8,300 lbs


8,400 lbs 8,100 lbs
Curb Weight 4WD 5,855 lbs 5,840 lbs
Curb Weight 4WD (extended) 6,056 lbs 6,088 lbs
Wheelbase 122.5 in. 116.0 in.
Wheelbase (extended) 131.6 in. 130.0 in.
Ground Clearance 9.6 in. 8.0 in.
Approach Angle 22.2 degrees 15.7 degrees
Departure Angle (extended) 21.9 degrees (20.7) 23.1 degrees (19.5)
Passengers 7 or 8 7
Max cargo volume 103.3 cu. ft. 94.2 cu. ft.
Cargo capacity – 3rd row folded 57.5 cu. ft. 51.6 cu. ft.
Cargo capacity – 3rd row folded (extended) 73.3 cu. ft. 76.7 cu. ft.
Cargo capacity – behind 3rd row 20.9 cu. ft. 15.2 cu. ft.
3rd Row

Legroom (extended)

36.1 in. (36.1) 24.8 in. (34.5)

Headroom (extended)

37.3 in. (37.4) 38.1 in. (38.5)

Shoulder room (extended)

64.2 in. (64.3) 62.6 in. (62.6)