Challenger Hellcat and Civic Type R Throw Down: Father vs. Son Duel [Video]

It’s a David vs. Goliath moment on this episode of TFLcar as the Challenger Hellcat and Civic Type R throw down on the track.

For your Sunday delectation, check out the video above for a TFLcar mashup race of epic proportions. In one corner, you have the Dodge Challenger Hellcat: 707 horsepower of supercharged, tire-shredding fury. In the other corner, the Honda Civic Type R, with 306 turbocharged horsepower coursing through its front wheels. On an 1/8th-mile run, you may consider the results a foregone conclusion. And you’d be right – with a 400+ horsepower advantage, the Challenger Hellcat takes the victory Despite that, the run is closer than you might think! The Challenger Hellcat and Civic Type R then compete again on a timed hot lap.

In the grand scheme, these cars are completely different in almost every way. The Challenger is rear-wheel drive, whereas the Civic sends its power to the front. The Challenger has a V8, the Civic an inline-four. Both have forced induction, but the Hellcat is supercharged while the Type R is turbocharged. They have different body styles, and different transmissions. One key similarity, however: both are among the most powerful cars in their respective classes.

It may be an apples to oranges comparison, but the Challenger Hellcat and Civic Type R race has a fun twist. In this video, father and son duke it out for victory on the track. These two cars represent two different automotive philosophies. On one hand, there’s the “ain’t no replacement for displacement!” case. On the other, you have poise, balance, and technology over out-and-out muscle. Both great cars in their own right, and the results are closer than you might think!

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