Top 10 AWD Snow Cars 2017 – 2018: Special Report

Gazelle Rally
When driving in this, you want a car from our list.

TFL’s Top 10 Best Cars for Driving in Snow, 2017-2018

It’s dumping snow in Denver this morning, which means it’s a good day to breakdown TFL’s list of the best cars and crossovers that can handle frozen roads, snow drifts, and ice. As TFL’s Nathan and Andre explain in the TFLnow video below, our criteria is based on a vehicle’s performance on Goldmine Hill, a steep trail of loose rock and off-camber turns that will challenge any vehicle’s all-wheel-drive system. In more than four years of testing vehicles on the trail, TFL has found that any thing that conquers Goldmine Hill will dominate in snowy conditions.

You can check out the video for Nathan and Andre’s complete breakdown of the vehicles and how they performed. But if you just want the list, here we go.

 10  2016 Fiat 500X | TFL Car  Fiat 500x AWD
 9  2017 Toyota RAV4  Toyota RAV4 AWD
 8    Dodge Durango AWD
 Mazda CX-5 AWD
2015, lexus, nx, hybrid, snow,
 Lexus NX Hybrid AWD
 5    Nissan Pathfinder AWD
 4  Volvo V90 Cross Country  Volvo V90 XC
 3  2018 vw atlas big crossover suv v6 vr6 awd 4motion  VW Atlas 4Motion
 2    BMW X3
 1  2018 Land Rover Discovery  Land Rover Discovery


And here’s the video: