It’s Almost Here! 2019 BMW X7 Concept Leaked Ahead of September 8 Reveal [Gallery]

The all-new, full-size 2019 BMW X7 is almost here.

Meet Munich’s new SUV kingpin – the 2019 BMW X7. Those of you keen on BMW’s nomenclature have likely deduced that this leviathan will sit a league above the perennial X5. Yesterday, BMW teased a bird’s eye photo of the new range-topper on their Facebook page. Now, there are more images of the new X7 – dubbed the “iPerformance Concept” – to whet our appetites. Think of this car as a 7 Series with room for an extra two passengers. As such, the X7 will be the Bavarian firm’s first crack at a bona fide three-row SUV.

Despite the brand’s longstanding reputation of excellence in smaller SUV segments, BMW is entering uncharted territory with this car. It’s size, level of luxury, and inevitably high price tag puts the X7 in the firing line of luxury giants like the Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GLS and the impending Audi Q8. At this point, anything beyond a larger footprint over the X5 is pure speculation. However, we can make some educated guesses as to the X7’s features based on the current lineup.

2017 BMW X5
The X7 will unseat the venerated X5 as the flagship of BMW’s SUV lineup.

The X7 will likely feature an ultra-luxurious interior akin to the 7 Series. That means an assortment of splendidly tactile surfaces, high-tech gadgets, and choice of powerplants. Engines on offer will likely range anywhere from the 2.0-liter turbo-four to the monstrous 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12. Hybrids will also be a focus for this car, as the concept signals a powerplant similar to the 740e iPerformance.

Alongside almost all other X models, BMW will manufacture the X7 at its Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. With the confirmation of this flagship, full-size model nicely rounds out BMW’s SUV range, from the diminutive X1 on up.

Due to appear this Friday – September 8 – just ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW is kick-starting the hype train for the X7 early with a full-fledged reveal this Friday, September 8. We’ll know more about pricing, features, and availability then. Curious buyers will also get a chance to see it in the flesh at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. Click here to check out the technology on tap in the current 7 Series to get an idea of what you may see in the new X7.