Top 5 European Cars that Americans Cannot Drive

TFLcar’s European correspondent, Jan, breaks down the Top 5 vehicles sold in Europe that us Americans can only dream about driving here in the U.S. of A.

#5 Volkswagen T series (2003-present)

Volkswagen Caravelle Generation Six
Volkswagen Caravelle Generation Six [photo: Volkswagen]

Yes, one of the coolest European cars is a van. Not just any van, it’s the legendary VW van. Produced over 60 years, it takes top place as the best-selling van worldwide. In 2003 it became a forbidden fruit for USA and Canada because of the Chicken Tax. Volkswagen has launched the sixth generation in 2015 with better looks thanks to the company’s new design language. T series is configurable in wide range of versions as a pickup, van, minivan, campervan and more.

#4 Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster
Dacia Duster in Croatia. [photo: Renault]

Duster is a small, light and cheap SUV sold in Europe that starts right below $13,500. Thanks to it’s available 4×4 system and ground clearance of 8.1 inches it can handle much rougher off-road expeditions than most of the people will run into. The 4×4 version starts approximately at $15,600. Design of this budget off-roader is not the pinnacle of the industry, however it is made with attention to work under hard conditions.

#3 Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen up! [photo: Volkswagen]

Do you want a cool tiny shopping bag? Then move to the Europe and buy a VW up! Volkswagen makes this funky car in Slovakia and fits a naturally aspirated 1-liter, 3 cylinder engine under the hood. According to the manufacturer, you should be able to fit four adults inside the car. For low emissions and eco driving VW offers an E-up with electric range of 99 miles. There is also a GTI version in works which will not come until 2018.

#2 Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb Sportline[photo: Skoda]

The definition of luxury by Skoda. The Superb shares most of it’s components with VW Passat, but what Passat doesn’t have are Czech Simply Clever features. These include two umbrellas (one in each front door), an ice scraper in the fuel tank door, a completely folding back of passenger seat — the list goes on and on. Skoda sells Superb as a classic sedan or a family-friendly wagon. Both versions can be equipped with an optional AWD system.

#1 Land Rover Defender (1998-2016)

Land Rover Defender in London[photo: Jaguar Land Rover]

The best and most legendary off-road vehicle around the globe is Land Rover Defender. This car has been produced for 68 years without any major design changes. It was available in the US from 1993 till 1997 when it was discontinued because it would not meet the safety requirements. For 2007 and 2012 Land Rover updated Defenders with modern engines that were compliant with newer emission standards.

If you are really interested in owning a Defender I have got a solution for you! In fact Tommy has. He bought a Traxxas TRX-4 Defender for his dad on Father’s Day. For a review of this RC car watch the video below!