2017 Mazda CX-5 Goes Off-Road And Into a Blizzard [Review]

The crew at TFLcar knew that Mazda’s 2017 update to its best-selling CX-5 compact crossover was a knockout. But how would its 2.5-liter, 187-horsepower, four-cylinder engine with 185 lb-ft. of torque cope with Gold Mine Hill’s 9,000-foot elevation and off-road dirt? Come with TFLcar’s Nathan Adlen as he tackles Gold Mine Hill and pushes a fully-loaded $34,380 CX-5 AWD and its 7.6-inches of ground clearance right up to its limits.

BONUS: Watch Andre Smirnov from TFLcar plow the CX-5 through snow drifts during a late spring blizzard in the Rocky Mountain High Country and serve up an order of fresh donuts in the parking lot.