TFLcar goes ghost mine hunting – Difflock episode 12 [Video]


In this, the 12th episode of TFLcar’s off-road series Difflock, Roman and Tommy Mica head up to Montezuma, Colorado to go ghost mine hunting.

Montezuma was founded in the 1860s as one of the area’s largest mining districts, and there are a lot of old abandoned mining towns and camps around the area.

Roman and Tommy decided to check out the ghost mining town of Saints John, which is the proper town name despite both Roman and Tommy calling it Saint Johns. It’s an understandable mispronunciation, as there are many towns across the U.S. and Canada with that name.

To get to Saints John, they took the Deer Creek Webster Pass. The dirt roads are perfect for the Jeep Wrangler, although they had to air down the tires before embarking on the journey for more traction and a better ride.

Difflock Episode 12 Ghost Mine Hunting

The area is full of old mining stories and history. Roman and Tommy stumbled across an old dump truck that was just parked there and left who knows how many years ago. Plus, they found a lot of old, abandoned mine machinery, just two miles away from the Denver metropolitan area.

If you want to go there yourself and check out this rich, historic area, take I-70 west out of Denver to Loveland Pass, take the pass over the mountain to Keystone, then take Snake River Road from Keystone up to Montezuma. The town of Montezuma itself has lots of local Colorado flavor.

According to Wikipedia, the ghost town of Saints John is located at 39°34′18″N 105°52′54″W at an altitude of 10,764 feet, for those who want to use GPS to find it. Some areas are private property, so be mindful if you decide to come up and visit this historic area.

To see more of the ghost mines of Colorado and to hear more stories, watch the full TFLcar video below: