Watch the Newly Rebooted Top Gear with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc in Season 23 Episode 1

Top Gear Season 23
Top Gear Season 23

The New Top Gear with Chris Evans and Matt Leblanc has finally aired in the United Kingdom and the reviews are most certainly mixed.

You can wait until it airs on BBC America or you can watch it online right now HERE.

The new season kicks off with the very familiar Top Gear theme music right before Chris Evans Introduces Matt LeBlanc as the very first American host of the show.

There is of course the usual supercar segment that pits Chris Evan in a Viper against speedy German Sabine Schmitz in a Corvette. But why spoil the fun when you can watch  Top Gear Season 23 Episode 1 for yourself.

The first episode guests in the reasonably priced car segment include Gordon Ramsay and American actor Jesse Eisenberg. And of course we cannot forget to mention that this season’s  reasonably priced car is a Mini.

BTW: We may not have the deep pockets of Top Gear UK but we’re very proud of this recent mashup Jeep Review that was inspired by the work of Top Gear.