Motor Mountain USA: From Alaska to Florida and to All 50 States

mmusa florida jeep belt buckle
MMUSA Florida: Tommy S.

TFLcar is fortunate to have completed a once-in-a-lifetime adventure – the Motor Mountain USA epic road trip. The goal was to reach the highest elevation road, trail, and mountain top in all 50 United States and finish the entire journey within a year.

We drove the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock (#MMUSA Wrangler) over 37,000 miles to accomplish the mission, and we found more than picturesque mountain roads. We met fun and adventure-seeking people all the way across the nation. We geo-cached (hid) 50 one-of-a-kind MMUSA belt buckles, one in each state, and you responded in a big way. You guys had your own adventures to find the belt buckles.

Take a look at the MMUSA Index to link to all 50 state adventures and see the pictures of the newest belt buckle owners. There are seven states where the fate of the hidden belt buckle is either unknown or the buckle was never found. The buckles in the following states are missing: Nebraska, Montana, Iowa, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. The Minnesota belt buckle is still unclaimed.

The two latest stories come from Florida and Alaska.

Tommy S. from Florida writes:

Attached are a couple pictures of the Florida MMUSA belt buckle. I’ve followed your adventure from the beginning. I am a commissioned officer stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, which is about an hour south of the spot you hid the belt buckle. As soon as I saw the video post, I took the coordinates and went straight there.

Thanks for sharing this adventure. It was a blast and I’m glad I found the buckle! My Jeep and I are headed off to Korea soon, but I’ll continue to follow your channels on YouTube! Thanks for all the work and entertainment you provide.

Tommy, thank you for your support, your service to our country, and joining the MMUSA adventure.

Watch the Florida MMUSA episode here.

Clear on the other side of the continent is the next story.


April from Alaska showed incredible determination and patience in her search for the MMUSA belt buckle:

I was lucky enough to find the well hidden belt buckle on the Dalton Highway. I first saw the video around the beginning of January 2016. I drive truck on the Haul Road, so I passed by it a gazillion times just waiting for the snow to melt. Let me clarify, I attempted to dig through several feet of snow, but that wasn’t much fun. So, I waited and waited and waited, finally the snow melted enough and I am happy to report that everything in the rubbermaid tub survived an Arctic winter. I hope you enjoyed your journey along the highway. I know I do, every trip!

What an interesting job to drive the “Haul Road” every day! Thank you for sending us the picture of the buckle, your Kenworth truck, and the story behind your adventure.

Watch the epic Alaska adventure!