Jeep Wrangler vs Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Challenge in the Dark – DiffLock Ep. 9 [Video]

“Why do we keep coming back to this hill?”

The Gold Mine Hill section on the Switzerland Trail in Colorado is a technical ascent that is challenging and not easy to master — even when conditions are just right. In this episode of DiffLock, Tommy and his crew decide to do a night run up the hill while field testing a new LED light bar and Alex gets stuck for the third time.

LED light technology has advanced a lot over the past few years and the number of applications is growing along with it. Compared with halogen or traditional lights, LED lights have numerous benefits and uses at home and outdoors. First responders, police, and firefighters are using them because they can illuminate a large area using only a small amount of electrical energy, barely emit heat, and have a long life span.

Gold Mine Hill night challenge | DiffLock Ep.9

Used for this test is a 120 watt, 24-inch LED light bar by Annt Technologies that can emit light to cover both a broad area of 60 degrees or a concentrated area of about 30 degrees for more concentrated and brighter illumination. This light bar has a color temperature of 6000k – 6500k (Kelvin), is rated to work more than 30,000 hours, and can be purchased from Amazon for about $41. Before heading out, Tommy demonstrates the easy installation process for adding a 24-inch LED light bar to his Jeep Wrangler. For the night time field test on the trail, it is easy to see how bright the new light bar is compared to the factory headlights and other aftermarket lights.

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