TFLcar Top Tip #1: Sun Visor’s Secret Feature You Probably Didn’t Know [Video]

Have you ever forgotten your sunglasses, but found yourself driving with the sun blaring into your car from the side? Our first piece of advice is to check and see if your car has extendable sun visors.

It’s common knowledge that you can remove the visor from the clip in your headliner and rotate the visor to help block the sun coming in from the side. But did you know that some cars, such as the Volkswagen Golf and Nissan Frontier, have their sun visors on a slide that allows you to extend the visor back to cover more of your window?

TFLcar Top Tip #1: Check to see if your car has extendable sun visors. They could make your ride much more comfortable if you find yourself in a pinch.

vw gti sun visor_1024x768