TFL Talk Holiday Show: Your Questions Answered [Video]

TFL Talk Holiday Show

We really appreciate all the fans who have watched us grow over the years. One of the things we try to do is respond to all the incoming questions we get every week. A few of them Nathan addresses in his weekly “Ask Nathan” column. In today’s episode of TFL Talk, we wanted to answer a stack of questions that have been sent in recently, such as “What is the worst car you drove in 2015?” and “Why no Porsche reviews?”

Answering your fervent questions isn’t the only topic covered this week. In this edition of TFL Talk, we hint at some of the exciting things planned for 2016. One being a performance series of videos involving a Challenger Hellcat and whatever we can find to take on the Hellcat’s supercharged fury. Watch for a preview of the upcoming “Challenger Versus” web-series in this week’s TFL Talk video.

2015 dodge srt challenger hellcat