TFL Classics: A Trip to Brother Moto in Atlanta [Video]

A vintage Yamaha at Brother Moto in Atlanta
A vintage Yamaha at Brother Moto in Atlanta

Part of owning a vintage motorcycle is the fun of getting your hands dirty and repairing the bike yourself. But what do you do when you live in a big city like Atlanta and don’t have a garage?

That’s where places like Brother Moto come in. They provide a place for people to rent a space and bring in their bikes to do some do-it-yourself repair.

Owner Bobby Russell and his business partner came up with the idea while they were both fixing their bikes in an apartment complex parking lot. They had the idea to have a space where they could fix their bikes out of the elements, and the idea was good enough that they created Brother Moto and opened their doors in March. They rented a space in the East Atlanta Village.

Brother Moto is a co-op, and all the tools are there and available to use for anyone who comes in and fixes their bikes.

The clientele is a cross section of all motorcycle enthusiasts, from Harley riders to classic BMW riders to Japanese bike riders. They also have a mix of demographics, people of all ages who just love motorcycles.

Brother Moto also sells merchandise and classic riding gear.

Unfortunately, due to city codes, Brother Moto was forced to close its doors. However, they’re looking for a new place to set up shop and are still selling their merchandise to raise money. Check out their website for more information.

Watch the full video of TFLClassics visiting Brother Moto in Atlanta: