All-new Fiat 124 Spider Caught Testing at High Altitude [Spied]

fiat 124 spider roadster mazda miata prototype mx-5 2017
Fiat 124 Spider prototype (by Bradley N)

Here is more evidence of the upcoming Fiat 124 Spider that the company is developing in partnership with Mazda. The upcoming roadster will be based on the fourth generation “ND” Mazda MX-5 Miata chassis and will be built at the Mazda factory.

The engine story for the new 124 Spider has not been officially announced. Some information leaked out from the FCA dealer summit last month in Vegas. The unofficial word is that the roadster will come in two trims: regular and Abarth. The rumor is that the Abarth version will use a version of the Alfa Romeo 4C motor. This has potential for a great little spider. The Mazda Miata chassis is a very good foundation. If Fiat adds a healthy doze of turbocharged power, then it has the makings of a very fun sports car.

2017 fiat 124 spider roadster convertible mazda miata mx-5
(by Bradley N)

Fiat sold a 124 Spider from 1966 – 1985. It was build by Pininfarina. It had a host of engines, including a turbocharged and supercharged variants. We cannot wait to see what they with the new one.

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