Volkswagen and Discovery Channel Take a Big Bite For Shark Week

2015 VW Golf SportWagen

SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel is sponsored by Volkswagen of America and starts its 28th year on July 5. Volkswagen is getting behind the weeklong franchise of shark content by wrapping the Red Bull Global Rallycross No. 41 VW Beetle GRC race car, driven by Scott Speed, in SHARK WEEK livery. The German automaker is also collaborating with the network to debut Sharks ReScored as part of the Golf SportWagen launch. The mini documentary shows how music is used as a way to explore sharks, thereby providing insight how they are a important part of the ocean’s ecosystem.

Scott Speed VW Beetle GRC | Red Bull GRC

Not only is Volkswagen onboard with showing how the perception of sharks can be changed, they also want change the way wagons are perceived. Crossovers are hugely popular with American buyers, much to the demise of the wagon. Volkswagen is hoping to change some preconceived notions with its SportWagen marketing campaign.

Recently, Nathan did an in-depth review of the 2015 VW Golf SportWagen TDI. Let us know if prefer the utility of a crossover or the practicality of a wagon.

The Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK has a 28 year history and returns this year with the most hours of shark programming since its start. Audiences can watch an extended cut of the documentary at

Additionally on the Sharks ReScored site, fans can learn more about what Volkswagen is doing to help with the conservation, protection and education of sharks.