Motor Mountain USA: Upcoming Schedule and FAQ for July 2015

Blasting sand dunes in Oklahoma in the 2016 Jeep Wrangler
2016 Jeep Wrangler blasting sand dunes in Oklahoma

July is a pivotal month for Motor Mountain USA (MMUSA) as we move to an important and transitional stage in this 50-state adventure. This month, we will head to Idaho, Oregon, California and Nevada. Shortly after we return, the Jeep Wrangler will be prepped for its hardest challenge – Alaska!

Here are some recent Q and A posts we wanted to post:

Q: Where are you going to be and why can’t we meet up?
A: Time is never on our side. Each trip/loop requires a massive amount of driving. Each leg of our journey primarily takes place during the work week. That makes it difficult for us to find a place and meet viewers; however, we do post our schedules and hope that some of you might figure out where we’ll be.

Q: Last month, we saw you and tried to follow, but you sped off. What’s the deal?
A: The only time we try to be covert is when we have to hide a belt buckle. Obviously, we would rather do this without an audience.

Q: What’s the Jeep Wrangler’s mpg so far?
A: We’ve averaged around 14.5 mpg. Keep in mind: that’s a number we calculate with the trailer. Although the Jeep trailer is fairly light, the massive tires and square shape create a lot of drag.

Q: When are you going to Alaska?
A: Very soon. After this upcoming loop.

Before we head to the Alaska or ALCAN (Alaskan/Canadian) highway – we need to wrap up these mountain tops in the western states. Here’s the schedule:

Monday, 7/13/15: From, Boulder, Colorado to Idaho. Approximately 10 hours.

7/14: From, Idaho campsite, 2 hours to Galena Summit. Video production before heading to Oregon campsite, about 10 hours.

7/15: From, Oregon campsite, about 1 hour Crater Lake. Video production. Oregon Mountain to California campsite: about 8 hours

7/16 From California campsite, 3.5 hours to White Mountains region. Video production, then head to Nevada campsite: about 6 hours

Friday, 7/17/15: From Nevada campsite, 1.5 hours travel time to Great Basin National Park. Video production Head back to Boulder, Colorado – approximately 10 hours.

We know: it’s a tough schedule. Team TFL is the hardest working crew out there and we strive to make every mile count. While we try to make our format, our videos and our presentation the best it can be for the masses, we will stumble along the way. Rest assured, we read your emails and  comments. Whatever challenges come up, we strive to make Motor Mountain USA the best show it can be!

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