1995 Jeep Wrangler Takes on the Cliff Hanger: TFL’s 2015 Video Celebration

1995 jeep wrangler | TFL Car

So many cars. So many videos. Hard to comprehend, but TFL Car’s long list of car news, views, and review videos is now up to 2,015. To celebrate 2015 videos in 2015, TFL Car brought a 1995 Jeep Wrangler to navigate the Switzerland trail in Colorado that offers spectacular mountain scenery. The last time TFL Car attempted to conquer the Cliff Hanger section of this off-road trail, the results weren’t so favorable. Sit back and watch the video to see if Roman has better luck this time around.

The Switzerland Trail in the peaks west of Boulder was named for the spectacular mountain scenery along this remote and former railroad route. Although why it was named after another country when America’s Rockies are stunning in their own right is anyone’s guess. The most challenging part of the Switzerland Trail is a short, steep section–nicknamed Cliff Hanger–that is loose, rutted, and littered with branches.

It is recommended that you start the drive of the Switzerland Trail from the south. The trail begins below the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain off the road with the same name. The first portion of the trail winds along without any dramatic elevation changes, then gradually descends to Fourmile Canyon Drive (US 118) along Fourmile Creek. Once the trail crosses the road, it begins an easy ascent up the mountain toward Gold Hill.

The Switzerland Trail ends at Sawmill Road (County 95) just above Lefthand Canyon Drive.

The relative level grade owes its existence to an old narrow-gauge rail line around the turn of the 20th century. The line was built to accommodate mining operations in Colorado’s front range, and the trail route itself is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Denver, Boulder and Western Railway Historic District.

Curious as to what happened to the Subaru Outback on the Switzerland Trail? Here is the video that shows off the off-road capabilities and Nathan’s impressions of the latest generation Outback.