Used Fun & Cheap? You Suck, Where’s the Mazda MX-5 Review? 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco and Where’s Mitsubishi? [Ask Nathan]

Nathan and The Fast Lane Car team are here to answer your (reasonable) questions. Interesting and/or entertaining emails will be posted to this column. If it's relevant in the automotive universe, there's a chance we may know something about it. The author's email address and name will be omitted - leaving your initials or nickname, your preference.

Nathan and The Fast Lane Car team are here to answer your (reasonable) questions. Interesting and/or entertaining emails will be posted to this column. If it’s relevant in the automotive universe, there’s a chance we may know something about it. The author’s email address and name will be omitted – leaving your initials or nickname, your preference.

From day one, The Fast Lane Car has made it our policy to answer as many questions and comments as we can. We get thousands of emails and comments and feel that, as part of a tight-knit automotive community, having an open dialogue with you keeps things fresh and exciting.

2014 Hyundai Elantra Coupe

In this edition of Ask Nathan:

  • Cheap, fun, manual, used?
  • Mazda MX5? & You suck!
  • Keep my 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco?
  • Still no Mitsubishi reviews?


The first question comes from a viewer who wants a sporty, economical vehicle that lasts 7 to 8 years.

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Q: Hey guys , I kindly need a little bit of help !! In the next year or two , I will be buying my first car and I would like it to last atleast 7-8 years .. I narrowed down to these stick shift cars ( I like sporty looking cars ) : 2014 Mazada 3 2.5L , 10-13 Infiniti G37s coupe , 13 Hyundai genesis coupe turbo , 13-14 Mustang V6 , 13 Acura TSX & 13 Golf GTI .

I actually favor factors like “Fun to drive” and reliability but still take in consideration fuel economy ( reasonable ) . Can someone help me out or so give me your opinion and even suggest me some stuff? Thank you very much & BTW , Nice video like always 🙂


2016 Fiat 500X Trekking Plus

A: Thanks for the viewership and question!

Roman and I agree; the Volkswagen Golf GTI is the best choice out of your list. It’s not the cheapest for upkeep, nor is it the most frugal, but it’s not that bad either. Given its excellent performance, top notch interior layout, good economy and excellent utility, it’s our first choice.

Let us know what you choose!


2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

This next question comes from an angry viewer who feels like we have no interest in the upcoming Mazda MX-5.

Q: Nathan and the rest of the wanabe “reviewers”

I’m no TFL fanboy and most of your reviews suck. Just when we think your getting better, you go and do a stupid stunt like drive to all the states. Who cares! ? Is this the reason you have next to no coverage of the Mazda MX-5? All I see is the same stuff as the other sites and you have a “Miata Expert” in Emmi. Despite this, nothing insightful or unique about the Mazda MX5.

What a waste of time.

E. D.

A: Sorry you’re disappointed, but we can only give you what Mazda gives us. If they refuse to bring us to the new MX5, how are we supposed to report on it? It’s frustrating for us too.

We’ll do our best to bring Miata news to viewers and readers as soon as we can.

In the meantime, I recommend visiting a less stressful site.


Volkswagen Scirocco 1977

This email comes from a fan who is debating getting rid of his long past father’s 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco.

Q: Hi Roman and Nathan,

I’m just a typical viewer. I like being entertained by you, I like cars, but I’m not a gear-head. My dad left me his non-running (I think it’s an electrical problem) 1977 Volkswagen Scirocco. I don’t know what to do with it. I’m not terribly sentimental and I don’t need a project rotting in my garage.

I know that both of you lost your fathers too. I know that Roman is dealing with the same thing with his dad’s Lincoln. I like both of you and trust your judgment. What would you do?

C. in Tampa, FL

A: Wow, that’s a tough one. It’s always hard to make suggestions based on matters of family and nostalgia. Yes, we’ve all lost our fathers, but we had different relationships with them. No two relationships are exactly alike.

With that being said, you know Roman’s response based on what he’s doing with his father’s car. He’s in a tough place; the car is covered in rust and the wires have been a rodent delicacy. It will costs two to three times what an excellent example would cost just to make it passable. He still doesn’t know what to do.

I would either sell to someone who would drive it, or give it to someone who would make it a runner, but that’s just me.

In the end, it all depends on you. Older Volkswagen Sciroccos are rare and there is a group of people out there that collect them. What would your father want? It’s about your relationship with him.

Hope that helps!


2014 mitsubishi outlander off-road review video

This last question is about our lack of Mitsubishi reviews.

Q: Okay guys, what’s the problem? You haven’t done a Mitsubishi review in months. I loved your review of the older Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in the snow, and last year’s Outlander GT was pretty good too. Where are the new ones?



A: I am sorry to say that Mitsubishi has not given us anything, including the Mirage! I spoke directly to the folks at Mitsubishi USA during the Chicago Auto Show and begged for more product.

We’ll keep at it, but it’s hard to make videos when you’re given nothing.


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