2016 BMW X5 Hybrid Caught Altitude Testing in Colorado


Lunch at Jimmy Johns turned into a sighting of a new test vehicle from BMW. We recently spotted what we believe to be a BMW X5 test vehicle high-altitude testing in Colorado sporting hybrid propulsion. Maybe BMW was getting advice from the local sandwich shop on how to make their next sport utility hybrid freaky fast? We have both images and video below for you to decide for yourself.

Our own Emme sneaks a peek inside and notices classic BMW design cues, confirming to us it’s one of their vehicles. Also, on the side of the driver’s door, a sticker reads “Hybrid Test Vehicle.”

BMW has already shown the world their X5 plug-in hybrid concept, and it’s unclear if this vehicle is the next step in that vehicle actually making production. It could also be a straight up hybrid X5 that will join their current gasoline and diesel offerings. Once we learn more, we’ll be sure to send the information along to you.

Check out our video of the vehicle below and stay tuned to TFLcar for experimental vehicle coverage.

Chad Kirchner

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