Robotic “Ergo Chair” Helps Install Seats in The Chevy Traverse

Chevy Ergo Chair

Robots are nothing new to car manufacturing, but this time the robot isn’t doing the work but making it much easier for humans to do their jobs. Chevy has worked with a custom equipment supplier to develop a special “Ergo Chair” used specifically to install the third row of seats in the Chevy Traverse.

Ergonomics is always a big consideration as assembly lines are designed for any vehicle. The repetitive motions required by the job can cause injury, but when they’re awkward motions, the chances of a worker hurting themselves is even greater. The Ergo Chair makes it much less likely that a worker will sustain those types of injuries.

It moves on a pivoting seat attached to a robotic arm and sweeps in and carries the worker right into the vehicle, positioning itself exactly where it needs to be based on the worker’s motions. It enters through the side door of the Chevy Traverse and extends down the length of the vehicle so all the necessary work can be performed without the worker having to crawl inside. The Ergo Chair even holds all the parts and tools that the job dictates.

Check out the Ergo Chair in action…

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