Best of Colorado Cars and Coffee [TFL 4K video]

colorado cars and coffee 4k video

Is there a better way than watching a collection of classic and the latest cars side by side than in fabulous TFL 4K ultra high definition?  The only way is to actually be there in person.  TFLcar caught up with our friends and saw some spectacular cars this weekend.  There are not too many car shows where you can a Ferrari, Ford, and Audi right next each other.  However, cars and coffee is all about automotive enthusiasm and sharing your experience with like-minded people.

Enjoy this great video at our new TFLclassics channel.  TFLclassics is focused on all things collectible and classic, and is home to our new segment “Load Bearing Paint”.

4K UHD video means that it can populate a screen that has approximately 4,000 horizontal pixels.  It’s also referred to as 2160p.  Samsung sells a 28-inch monitor with 3840 × 2160 resolution, which can take full advantage of this footage.