Geneva: McLaren drops its top with 650S Spider

2015 mclaren 650s spider topless

TFLcar already reports on the new McLaren 650S Coupe, and today McLaren drops the top and introduces the 650S Spider at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show.  The Spider has the same power and transmission as the Coupe: 640.9 bhp and a 7-speed SSG.  However, it offers unlimited headroom with a hardtop which can deploy or retract in under 17 seconds.  You can operate the two piece top at speed of under 19 seconds.


Are the any penalties for getting that go along with the convertible, except for the higher price?  Not much.  The Spider does weigh 88 pounds more than the hardtop, but the 0-62 mph accelerations are identical at 3.0 seconds.  If you continue to push the Spider to 124 mph, you will hardly notice that it’s 0.2 seconds slower (at 8.6 seconds acceleration to 124 mph).


McLaren claims no compromises in structural rigidity, so the topless version will be just as much in the corners.  Which one to get: Coupe or Spider?  The convertible does not really have any drawbacks in performance or style, so it is worth whatever extra price hike.

If you have to know, the 650S Spider is rated at 24.2 mpg on the EU combined cycle.

Watch the McLaren 650S Spider make its Geneva Motor Show debut!