Epic Trip: Tatra Documentary – Prague to Pebble or Bust?

tatra 603 v8 engine air cooled
Tatra 603 – air cooled V8

Before you think the 1968 Tatra 603 that we have chosen is perfect, and we will sail across two continents with ease.  The current owner of the car says, the black beauty has a slight but noticeable tick in the engine.

And according to Ted, our local TFL mechanic, this could mean absolutely nothing, or the engine is about to suffer a catastrophic failure.  Hmm… that certainly adds a bit of excitement to this crazy 5,000 mile epic trip.   What do you think? Are we in for engine rebuild even before we get out of the Czech Republic?

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tatra 603 sedan full restoration

This is the 1968 Tatra 603 that we want to purchase to drive to Pebble Beach from Prague this summer.  As you can tell about 10 years ago the car had a extreme makeover. OK, perhaps a better description would be a full restoration.