2014 Ford Fiesta Earns Best-In-Class Fuel Economy

2014 Ford Fiesta

The 2014 Ford Fiesta has earned a best-in-class fuel economy rating of 41 MPG highway in EPA testing making it the only subcompact to beat the 40 MPG mark. A 30 MPG city rating gives the vehicle a combined rating of 34 MPG.

Specifically, it’s the 2014 Ford Fiesta SE model with the Super Fuel Economy package and a 1.6-liter engine that has earned such a high number. Fuel economy is a huge factor for buyers considering subcompact cars, making the Fiesta a very attractive option.

Ford cites two specific technologies as helping the 2014 Ford Fiesta achieve such high fuel economy ratings. First on the list is a group of design features that enhance the car’s aerodynamics and greatly improve fuel efficiency.

The Super Fuel Economy package adds features like a rear spoiler, side air deflectors, underbody shields, lower grille blockers, low-rolling-resistance tires and cruise control. The combined affect of these key features is an overall reduction in the amount of fuel required to move the car through the air at speed.

The second key feature that contributes toward the 2014 Ford Fiesta’s excellent fuel economy is its PowerShift automatic transmission. This is not a traditional automatic transmission with torque converters, wet clutches and pumps but two manual transmissions that work in parallel.

The dual-clutch automatic puts those two manual transmissions in the same case but controls them independently with computers. Fast-acting electromechanical actuators then shift gears quickly and smoothly to use power more efficiently than with a traditional transmission.

In addition to its best-in-class fuel economy rating, the 2014 Ford Fiesta has a whole host of features designed to enhance the driving experience. There’s the new MyFord Touch system with a 6.5″ screen and enhanced voice control as well as the existing Sync infotainment system featured in the first Fiesta.

Parents can also take advantage of the MyKey system that allows them to set things like maximum speeds and volume limits that help their teen drivers be safer on the road.

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