Preview: 2014 “Scion 10” Series Makes Exclusivity Affordable


It seems that when we go car shopping, we crave not only a new, stylish, and reliable vehicle, but also one that will stand out from the crowd, one that forgoes cookie-cutter conformity. To remain exclusive, one can go with the exotics from Ferrari, Lamborghini, the electrics from Tesla, or even luxury SUVs from the likes of Porsche and Land Rover. Sensing a common theme? Every one of these models carries a price tag  north of $60k – a huge chunk of change for the non-millionaires amongst us.

But why can’t a car be exclusive and reasonably priced? Who says that price helps a vehicle stand out? Toyota group couldn’t agree more, as they just recently announced introduction of “Scion 10” editions of every one of their 2014 models, ranging from the boxy xB to the sporty FR-S. The best part?  All “Scion 10” models will start below $30,000.


Sci0n plans to build just 10,000 total “Scion 10” editions across all of their models.  This is sure to create some serious demand for these units when they come into the American market this June. The “Scion 10” FR-S will likely be a hot commodity, as Toyota has barely been able to keep up with the demand of the standard FR-S since it came out this past fall. The significance of the production number and “Scion 10” name? The company is commemorating 10 years of business in the US under the Toyota parent company.

Though the mechanicals will remain untouched, each “Scion 10” edition vehicle will wear signature “Silver Ignition” paint accented by electric blue front and rear badging, creating quite a stunning contrast. Body color seat belts and several other “Silver Ignition” touches will grace “Scion 10” interiors, reiterating the anniversary theme throughout. All models produced under the moniker will include Scion’s 6.1-inch infotainment system and Scion Standard Display Audio, a nice host of exclusive options. Amazingly, the “Scion 10” iQ starts at only $17,850, while the “Scion 10” FR-S with an automatic transmission tops off the range at $28,675.


Though the “Scion 10” lineup can’t match the exclusivity of the top-tier brands, it’s certainly reassuring that the workingman can afford a car that’s not parked at every street corner. For those who want a little more stylistic flare to their daily drive, there’s no better choice than a “Scion 10” model.

Check out this fun TFLcar video of a custom 2013 Scion FR-S