2018 Mercedes-Benz S560 Maybach and CLS Coupe: First Class Luxury and a Straight 6 from the L.A. Auto Show [Video]

$168,600 Gets a Master-of-the-Universe Mobile, the Maybach

Mercedes-Benz brought two new cars to the L.A. Auto Show this week, the CLS Coupe with an all-new straight six engine (see below) and its flagship sedan, the S560 Maybach. TFL’s Roman Mica goes over the highlights of the Maybach with MB’s Bernhard Glaser from, where else, the opulent back seats of the sedan.

Check out the video for highlights of the over-the-top features including:

  • Rear seats that recline almost as far as a first-class airline seat, complete with folding tables that pop up out of the center console.
  • A refrigerator tucked in between the two rear seats.
  • Quilted leather seats and leather trim throughout, including on the ceiling.
  • Massaging front seats and programmable mood lighting to calm your nerves in traffic or keep you alert on a dark, deserted roadway late at night.
  • Interconnectivity between vehicles to facilitate automated driving.
  • A massive dash composed of two 12.3-inch screens set side-by-side: One for vehicle functions such as speed, tach, etc., the other for infotainment/climate control.
  • A new steering wheel with touch controls.

See it for yourself!


Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe Brings Back the Straight Six!

Roman gives us a quick walk-around of MB’s other L.A. Auto Show launch, the CLS Coupe, which from the outside and the interior, looks much like the current model. However, it’s the news under the hood that has us excited. We don’t see many straight-six cylinder power plants these days due to the space they eat up, the complicated engineering that goes into them and the expense in keeping them running. But we’re glad to see MB give it a try. Straight sixes are known for smooth acceleration and a beautiful exhaust note.

Stay tuned for our chance to test out this new engine ourselves in the coming months.