Adventure: Finding a Beautiful Resting Place of American Iron

american iron junkyard atlanta georgia old car city usa

Almost any gear-head loves to scope out old junkyards for collectible cars, hard to find parts, or just for the fun of it! During a recent trip this spring I ran across a hidden gem of rusting American iron on a back road in northern rural Georgia. I tripped over this amazing site by accident when I missed an interstate exit, which turned out to be a very lucky mistake. Even though the site is only a few miles from a big city, not many people know it exists.

The Old Car City is located about 10 miles east of Cartersville, Georgia and is packed with 34 acres of pre-1972 and just a handful of 80’s automobiles. The Old Car City website reveals bits and pieces of the site’s history.  It all started back in 1931 when a small dealership was established next to the family’s general store. Over time the business of selling new cars turned into a junkyard and grew into this sprawling display for over 6,000 vehicles. Today there are 6.5 miles of walking trails to enjoy the rusting beauties. All of the cars are for sale or trade, but not in parts. The yard has so much to see that it truly turned into a museum. There is an admission fee of $10 to enter the yard and $15 if you are going to take pictures.

junk yard old car city coker tire racer
Unfortunately, we stumbled upon the place right around 4:50pm, ten minutes to closing.  We hurried inside the main building full of old car pieces on the wall, several original condition 50’s era cars, and collector toys. I was able to have a brief conversation with the owner who explained some of the history of how the place came to be. Interestingly, a photography club from Atlanta had reserved the bone-yard till 11pm that night, what a cool opportunity!  If you are planning a visit, please keep in mind that the yard is only open Wednesday through Saturday.

If old cars, nostalgia, automotive history, art or photography are of interest to you, this junkyard is a must-see destination. It is a place of silent American iron in a slowly rusting state frozen in time.

Please check out this fun TFLcar video of a 1963 Dodge Power Wagon: