Rhys Millen Racing will take on Pikes Peak again for Hyundai

Rhys Millen Racing is coming back to Pikes Peak in 2013!
Rhys Millen Racing is coming back to Pikes Peak in 2013!

Fresh off the press folks, Rhys Millen is back with Hyundai to talk on Pikes Peak in 2013 with an all new Hyundai Genesis Coupe racing car. Hyundai, who recently pulled out of racing in North America, is having a rethink. Perhaps it was the backlash from racing fans or the outrage from Hyundai loyalists who enjoyed the prestige of being a small part of a record breaking team like Rhys Millen Racing.

Whatever the reason – Hyundai is back in North American racing.

“We’re certainly proud to renew our successful partnership with Rhys Millen Racing to take on the unique challenge of international motorsports known as Pikes Peak,” said Steve Shannon, vice president, marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Last year’s all-time world record, set by Millen in the production-based Genesis Coupe, was a defining milestone in Hyundai’s quest to build thrilling and durable rear-drive performance vehicles that are as capable on the road as they are in the racegoers of competitive motorsport.” – – Hyundai Media

Hyundai will back a two car effort.

“For 2013’s effort, Millen will produce and drive an all-new, ultra-lightweight, purpose-built racecar using major powertrain components from Hyundai’s production-based Lambda engine family. This powertrain is expected to produce over 900 h.p. and 800 ft. lbs. of torque, while still making significant use of production components including the block, cylinder heads, bearings and engine accessories. The racecar chassis will be enveloped by a Genesis Coupe-like silhouette to compete in the unlimited class. This no-holds-barred racer will be accompanied by last years’ world-record-setting, production-based Genesis Coupe in the Time Attack 2WD class. The driver of the Genesis Coupe will be announced at a later date. RMR is a truly unique racing firm, one of the very few which successfully conceptualizes, fabricates, tests, tunes, and most importantly, drives its vehicles in motorsports competition. In fact, the world-record-setting Genesis Coupe is the exact same production-basded coupe that Millen successfully drifted in the Formula Drift competitive series, a testament to both the extreme durability of Hyundai engineering as well as the tuning versatility of the RMR team.” – – Hyundai Media

There is no word on the rest of Hyundai’s racing program. They were fairly involved in rally racing with the Hyundai Veloster and drifting with the Genesis coupe. Hyundai is difficult to read and their PR kind of blows; however, we know that they are serious about pleasing their customer base.

We at The Fast Lane Car are supper happy for Rhys and his team. He’s always treated us swell. We’ve interviewed him at Pikes Peak over the past few years and you couldn’t a nicer guy. You can bet your ascot that TFLCar will be interviewing Rhys in 2013!