Video: 2012 Range Rover Sport vs Evoque Colorado snow-worthy Mashup Review


The 2012 Range Rover Sport and RR Evoque are two of the most off-road worthy cars you can buy. But which one is better in the snow?

Or to be even more specific, which one is better in three feet of newly fallen Colorado powder?

We decided to find out in this snow-worthy review by driving both Range Rovers to Gold Hill, Colorado up Lick Skillet Road.

Lick Skillet  Road is one of the steepest country roads in America, and when it snows three feet the road not only gets slick but also very slippery. So which one of these two British cars is the best in the snow.

The old establish Range Rover or the up-stark newbie Evoque. Check out this video review to find out.

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