Video preview: the 2011 Toyota Sequoia is a boat, horse and trailer towing beast


The 2011 Toyota Sequoia is one of the biggest and best traditional SUVs that you can still buy today.

It has a has massive a 5.7 Liter engine that puts out 381 hp and 401 lbs-feet of torque…that’s enough power to tow the biggest boat, horse or trailer you can hitch to it.

It comes from a time when monster SUV’s (that included the Chevrolet Tahoe, Nissan Armada, Ford Expedition and Jeep Commander) ruled the American roads.

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But today with gas prices in the four dollar per gallon range many would be car shoppers worry about the big SUV’s 14 city/20 hwy gas mileage. But that doesn’t mean that if you have a large family and you need a four wheel drive car that can seat more than 5 people and go anywhere…you shouldn’t consider the the 2011 Toyota Sequoia.

In fact you certainly should because it remains one of the best car’s in its class as Dave Erickson discovered in the video prereview below.

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