Video: Top ten fun to drive cars of 2011


It would be pretty straightforward to compose a top ten list of the star cars, or the most improved cars, or the most technically advanced cars, but that’s sooooo boring.

Fun to Drive cars engage you in a way that goes well beyond just being a form of reliable transportation.

Sometimes they meet unknown needs and wants, and sometimes they just surprise with the way they grow on you over time.

Our straightforward criteria for selecting the Top Ten Most Fun to Drive cars is that:

a) We drove the car

b) You can buy the car

c) And the car is fun to drive and will put a huge smile on your face when you drive it.

These cars may or may not be the fastest, the most powerful, or the most expensive, but they are certainly the most interesting cars that we’ve driven in the past year. Check out the top ten most fun to drive cars below as we go around the country to drive the newest fun cars first.

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