Electric car sales stagger to a slow start in January


87—That’s how many all electric leafs Nissan sold in January.

321—That’s how many half electric Volts GM sold in the same month.

The Obama administration wants to see one million electric cars on the road by 2015.

If you do the math that means car-makers will have to sell just over 20,000 electric cars per month to achieve that goal. With a combined total of just 408 electric and half electric cars sold last month…you have to admit that electric car sales have staggered to a slow start.

Of course a lot of the slow sales are due to the fact that both Nissan and GM have yet yet completely geared up the sales of the EV cars.

Nissan has admitted that it may have over-promised and under-delivered when it comes to the initial production run of the Leaf while GM is just beginning to sell Volts in a limited number of cities around the U.S.

The real question is what will happen when the early car technology adopter market is saturated with electric cars? Will Nissan and GM be able to expand sales into the broader market place of traditional gas powered cars?

The answer to that question most likely depends to a great deal on what happens to petroleum prices by 2015.

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